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Ok, you saw my previous post about getting a Lamancha. We will be picking her up this weekend. This doeling is at the same place and has been offered to me at a discount when I inquired about her. She broke her leg at 3 weeks of age but healed strait and has no limp or lameness now. She does, however, have a spot on her leg on the inside which will end a show career before it has a chance to begin. I'm ok with that, I want her as a milker. She walks normally without any problems and runs and plays etc. So what do you think? I really like her background and would love to get her.

Though she won't have a show career her kids could. And I also liked that my new Lamancha doeling would have a companion of her own kid to mingle with in the pasture. What do you think?

Here's her dam...


And a maternal half sister...
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