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Time for seeding things like that is usually in April, and it helps if you plant a cover crop like oats or wheat to give the seeding a chance to grow. You may be able to start now, but it might be a little late. THe goats usually can't be grazed on it the first year otherwise they will kill the seeding.

Alfalfa used in pastures should be used sparsely so it doesn't take over, alfalfa really isn't the best free choice grazing because the goats can gouge themselves on it.

Rye, timothy, orchard, or sercia lespedza(I know thats not spelled right) make great grazing grass. Fescue and Johnson grass should be avoided for grazing.

Contact either your local extension office(they aren't always helpful though) or go to your local feed mill/elevator and see if they have the seeds or if they know of a seed dealer in your area.
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