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In different areas, different grasses do well so I can't really say what's best for you. But with that size of graze, thinking about grass and other things that can stand hard use would be important.
For me in my moist mostly cool area, ryes (annual and perennial) with bird's foot trefoil does a good job. My "graze" is small enough that the goats (and horses) keep it very short. That is not good but what I got. But your local feed store might be able to give you an idea of what works well in your area.
I would not use timothy in that small an area as it clumps and grows tall to do well- it would be grazed down and I don't thinnk would thrive- it would look good til that animals are actually on it. You need a grass that spread low and can take lots of "foot traffic."
I do manure and re-seed each fall when rainy season starts and the horses are off it until it dries up again in the late spring.
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