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Selenium and the Pregnant Goat..?

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A friend has a doe that is about 175 lbs. She is due to kid any time after the 12th of December. We need to give her the Selenium and Vitamin E Gel for Goats (from Jeffers).
I need to make sure that the 4mL that it says to administer to adult goats will be sufficient for this LARGE doe.
She is also VERY heavy with kids. I would not be surprised if she had 4 maybe even 5 in there...
The Tube says to give 2mL to newborns, and 4mL to adults. Do the kids inside her count..?

I had a doe that was selenium deficient last year, and her babies had a hard time, so I want to make sure to dose my friends doe correctly!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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If that is what the directions say, I would stick with the 4ml.
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