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Selenium deficiency or??

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Ok... so I've been TALKING about giving my gals a selenium boost for quite awhile - but being scared of sending them into toxicity, I haven't yet.

I'd noticed awhile ago that both of my does (ages 7 & 3 approx) stand a little weak in the back legs - with more angling in the ankle than I see in my half-grown doeling. They basically stand heavy on their heels and have the tip of their toes slightly off the ground (just barely). My older doe is definitely "weaker" in this respect than my younger one.

Both had horrible feet when I got them. They're in better shape now, but we still struggle. I think years of poor hooves has taken a toll on my older doe, as no matter what I do her back hooves seem "pinched" and very hard to get into good shape.

In any case... very recently (past week) I've noticed on the stand that my older doe is not wanting to put much weight on her left rear foot. She walks normal, no limping. She can move in all directions without appearing to favor it... I only see this on the milk stand. The other day she was standing with that foot rocked completely back on the back of the heel (frog basically pointed forward, toes up). I repositioned her foot so she was standing correctly, but she REALLY wants to stand on her heel. I just did feet a few days earlier and although it wasn't easy for her, she was able to put her weight on it while I did the other back foot. Both of them are reluctant when it comes to back feet (they handle fronts just fine) - and I'm wondering if weakness is why.

I have purchased human selenium, Vit E & Vit D and had a previous thread in which someone gave me the dosage. I just wanted to make sure this sounds like what I'm dealing with? Their coats look fine and no weird behavior. The older doe does sort of "zone out" a little... but she's always done that - and generally she's trying to get a chicken to pick her nose. No, seriously... they're buds like that. :ROFL: It's pretty gross.

So... long story short... am I safe to give selenium? Should I just do the two older does, or should I do the doeling too? If mom (the younger doe) is deficient, I'd assume baby is too, though she doesn't show any weakness (she's turning out to be QUITE a little cutie!!).
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Oh... and my intention was to breed the older doe soon too...

If I do give selenium... is there a length of time I should wait before breeding her? Or does it not affect breeding? She's currently in milk, but starting to taper off and based on last year, dries up fairly easily. I could easily go to once/day at any time, and probably have her dry in two weeks. Just not ready to go down to one milker till I have to. :)
Sounds like they definitely need selenium. You can give it right before breeding and then again 1 month before kids are born.
I'm not sure about the human stuff, but I'm happy with the Selinium vit e gel from Jeffers.
I have the sel e gel as seems to work good.

Sounds so funny that your goat uses a chicken for a hanky!!:D
I need to get some hoof pics this weekend and get ya'lls input. I gave her selenium on 12/28 and FINALLY as of day before last, her stance on that foot is improving - though still not right. Hopefully it'll keep getting stronger. However, she also has some wall separation on that foot (she's always had one foot problem or another... I've never gotten her 100%). Both of them were overgrown (not horribly, but enough) when I got them and of course at that time I had no idea what they SHOULD look like, nor how to properly trim them. Both of them have areas that seem super narrow/pinched... but their hooves dont seem long to me. I do know that the toe is longer than it should be on both, as their cut is NOT in line with their growth lines. I honestly dont know how I'll ever GET them level with the growth line though, as I see pink almost immediately when trimming. Anyway... I'm just rambling now... so i'll try to get some pics and post soon. :)
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Yes, please post may be a combination of how they are trimmed and selenium deficiency. How long has it been since you gave it to them?
WA is in the selenium deficient area, you will for sure need to dose pregnant does and newborn kids :)
I just dosed them on Dec 28. I've had them since July 2012. I've done copper every six months or so, but based on the map, I didn't realize I was in a selenium deficient area, so never worried about it. I used the human selenium, with vit e and d, as suggested in another thread, but if I need to do it regularly I'll just get the gel. It's the kind for horses what y'all use?
We don't have Jeffers. Only chain store we have is Coastal, everything else is local and NOBODY around here had anything goat specific. I know I can order online, but it's so expensive for little orders like this due to shipping.
We use regular BoSe from the vet. When dosed properly it is no problem.
Sounds like her toes need to be shorter. You say you come to pink pretty quickly?
If you trim then just a little every couple of weeks it should help.:)
Jeffers is online....I know you can use human vitamins and e gel caps...not sure on dose though of those...
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