Selenium Deficient ND Doe - Rehab Progress

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by firelight27, Nov 30, 2010.

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    So, I posted on here a month back asking advice about this doe I purchased. She lost her first kids to white muscle disease. The owners give their goats a BoSe shot twice a year (fall and spring right before kidding.) The kid that survived the birth wasn't given BoSe until several days old and I believe was deficient from birth.
    Even with bi-annual BoSe shots, this doe really looked deficient. She had very crooked rear legs. Her parents and grand-parents have perfect legs, so it wasn't genetically expected. He legs were so weak that they wobbled horridly when she walked. The legs along with the kid's succumbing to white muscle screamed selenium deficiency in the doe. I have been feeding her Purina Goat Chow, providing proper minerals and giving her bi-weekly Vit A/E/D/B12 gel. She got a BoSe shot a couple of weeks before I got her, and I gave her some selenium/Vit E gel this month as well (I have been very careful that she doesn't get over-dosed.)

    This is the improvement in her rear legs:

    Oct 26 (I believe):


    Nov 30:


    Her left rear has improved drastically. Her right rear is still pretty crooked. Her natural width when standing has increased drastically. I didn't set her up for these photos. She walks much better. No more wobbling! Still has a long way to go, and I think she will always be crooked to a degree since she was allowed to grow up with a deficiency and the lower legs are probably pretty set in their ways.
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    I do see the improvement -- hope she continues

    im so glad you were able to give her the opportunity for a better life

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    WOW....Again, the know how and the TLC have made a difference! Good job!
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    You are a wonderful goat mommy.....she looks tremendously better....great job.... :wink: :thumb: :greengrin: