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Had to share....had a doe to kid twins 12 Days early. Kids hair was very short & they were small but alive. Noticed they could stand but could not lift their heads, walked with heads dragging the ground. They'd get so tired they would lay flat & we held their heads so they could nurse. Had great suck reflex. I had always heard that Sel/VitE deficiency was weak legs, I've never seen this weak neck thing since I've been raising goats. This was our first case out of about 85 kids this year. I googled White Muscle Disease, studied and gave a pea size amount of Sel/Vit E Gel on my pinky for each kid to suck.... and I prayed allllllll night :). Today....Praise GOD they are standing nursing holding their heads up, normal kids. Just had to tell my experience, I enjoy everyone sharing on here so we all can learn from one another & help our goat families :)
This is a before pic of the babies, I'll post a current pic later today.



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