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    I am researching selenium. I am trying to find information on the following topics:

    1. Types of selenium (selenate, selenite, etc)
    How each type is absorbed, sources, how long is stays in the system, etc.

    2. Options for administering selenium and their effecacy.
    BoSe and MoSe said to be ONLY good for emergencies and are a form that absorb quickly but DO NOT stay in the system very long, therefore not ideal for long term supplementing. ANY INFO ON THIS is much appreciated. I'd like to ideally find a study done that tested selenium levels before administration, after, and after an extended period such as a week or a month to show descrese in selenium level despite shot.
    Food sources, crumbles, pellets, gels etc suggested to be most ideal, though for large herds not very practical. More info on these methods appreciated.

    3. How selenium effects the system
    Dangers of low selenium levels
    Dangers of high selenium levels
    What the (goat) body does with selenium
    What other vitamins and minerals effect selenium levels

    Any tidbits, experience, or scientific hard evidence and study trials are much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    you could try a vet school to see what they have done as studies and information they have collected.

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    Jun 19, 2009
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    I remember Sarah from Castle Rock saying that she lost a kid and had a necropsy done and it was a selenium deficiency... so she now offers selenium salt free-choice. I have selenium salt for my sheep, and I have noticed a few of my goats sticking their heads through the fence to lick it up. (Of course, with goats, whatever's on the other side of the fence is better than the stuff on their side of the fence... including water troughs.)

    So -- one option for delivery would be selenium salt, which is usually labeled for sheep. I know that's not much information but it's all I've got!
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    What sparked my interest in researching selenium is that I felt like I had a good diet and schedule based on recommendations from other herd owners. I have a feed mixture that has good levels of selenium, a good mineral, and I provide gel. However, I spoke with Sarah and now only has she lost animals in the past to deficiencies but she has a necropsy done on Moon (died to a cause unrelated to selenium) and found her levels were extremely low despite an extensive supplementing system including MoSe. This sparked my interest to write a term paper on the subject and I am just beginning to gather research, experiences, and data to compile.

    Thanks Stacey I'll try that.
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    Jun 19, 2009
    Northern California
    That sounds like an interesting project! I look forward to hearing what you learn.

    I know some people who swear by BOSS... would be interesting to research the selenium content there and whether it's long-lasting... do you know if Sarah has ever tried BOSS?
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    Sarah bought BOSS the last time I was at her place. We stopped at her feed store on the way back from the Davis Farmers market and she got a few sacks. I don't know if she was feeding it before then though. I am looking into BOSS though.
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    I'd be very much interested in your research too.