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Selling registered goats ?s

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My first registered babies will be here soon and I plan to sell them but I'm not sure if I'm suppose to have them registered or just sell them with the application and info to be registered ???
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I think this is your choice. I have purchased them both ways.

The one that I had the application, I got to pick out her reg name myself but had to use the breeder's herd name. Good for me but for them, what if I picked a name they wanted to use on some one else?
we sell with the application but fill it out with the buyer's name choice that way everyone's happy.
I like selling them with the application, rather than the papers, for a few reasons

1) They get to name them
2) I dont have to keep them waiting to pick the goat up if I'm waiting for the application
3) I dont have to pay to send them in
4) The papers dont have to be sent in twice, which eliminates paying extra for the transfer
5) I find it all around easier that way, since I have dealt with people who refuse to pick them up unless they HAD the papers already done, which is retarded to me since they just have to send them in AGAIN to put them in their name.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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