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Senshi is here!!!!

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Finally we picked Senshi up. He is gorgeous, all I could every want in a buck. AWESOME withers, great topline, freight train long, flat rump, angular and has great genetics! :leap: I am so excited to get him clipped! I can hardly wait. His owner told us today that I had contacted her about him at the perfect time, she has more than 6 daughters of his and all but one of her does is bred to him, she is going to keep a buck or two from him also. She said the main reason she would even think about letting him go is he chews beards lol. So he may have to live seperate from my show bucks (I LOVE (bucks) beards) haha.

Here he is with the boys, not a great pic (It was taken out my window)

Dam - ARMCH Rosasharn TL Unagi 3*D 'E' (9 x Best Udder!)

Sire - MCH Twin Creeks WB Fire Storm *S 'E'
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He is awsome!!! You are so lucky to have him :) :clap:
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