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Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by KLSpoultry, Mar 30, 2009.

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    Dec 14, 2008
    Well, I bought my first nubians yesterday and one of them is a buck and i plan on keeping him a buck. he is 3 months old and i was wondering when he needs to be seperated from my 2 pygmy girls and the doe i got with him. also, once seperated, does he need a buddy? or will he be fine if he can see the girls in their pen?

    my second question is how big of pens do i need to build for the goats outside? i have 2 pygmy does and a nubian doe (shes little now, but will be a big girl) and then i'll also be building a pen for a nubian buck and possibly a friend depending on answer to first question. i will also be building them shelters outside, how big do they need to be?

    third question, when is it ok to breed the nubians? and also, (dont' freak out if this is a stupid question, but i really don't know) can the nubian buck breed the pygmy does safely? or do they need a buck their size?
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    OK first separate the buck now, he if functional. I dont know if he needs a buddy in with him or not. No he can't breed the pygmy, a pygmy can breed a nubian tho. I have my animals in my back yard in a city thier pen is 25'x50' ish. and the shelter is 3 full sheets of plywood 4x8 with an open front and back. I live in az so rain isn't much of an issue :greengrin: but make sure that the open end is away from the prevailing winds. In this enclosure I have 9 chickens, 1 Nubian doe 2yrs old, her kid, and two NDs. There is plenty of room for their daily activities, but every afternoon around 2pm we put the dogs in and let the goats out till they go in at dark(chickens to) on their own. hope this helps.

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    Mar 2, 2008
    Yup - you need to get the buck away from the does now. They CAN breed at 8 weeks of age so you want to separate the two sexes by that age.

    I would recommend that he have a buddy/friend with him. People have told me that their bucks are happier when not by themselves. If can get a wether for him that would be great. Now, people that actually have bucks may tell you something different... I'm relaying what I've heard.

    You do NOT want the Nubian buck to breed a Pygmy doe. It is fine, as stated, to have a Pygmy buck breed a Nubian doe.

    My understanding is that a Nubian should be at least 80 lbs. before breeding. Someone with more experience needs to chime in here if that's incorrect. I do feel that it's always wiser to wait longer than breed sooner. Let the does grow up and get closer to their own maturity before stressing them with a pregnancy.
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    Jan 29, 2008
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    I have heard the 80lb., size for breeding full size does. So, I'd go with that. I was told to wait on the Dwarf goats till they are 12 months old. Yep, that little "bugger" is fertile now, seperate him. But, I'd get him a friend. Ditto too on not breeding a large breed buck to a small breed doe, so, you have to be careful there are no accidental breedings. Bucks can be highly motivated escape artists, so keep that in mind. He doesn't know why he can't have that doe over there, if it should happen you'd have to abort the pregnancy :sigh: So, welcome to the "wonderful world of goat keeping"!
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    1..yes the 3 month old buck needs to be separated said.. do not breed him to the pygmy...but you can to a nubian.. :greengrin: ..I believe bucks do better ..when they have a companion... it helps with there appetite... it's the competition.....but... he will be OK... if you cannot get a buddy for long as he can see ....the other goats ..... :)

    2. I agree with everyone else on the pens...though ...the bigger the better ...if you are able to do they can run ...if they want to.....You don't want it to small either......remember ...when you have them penned up....worm loads can be greater the smaller the pens... :sigh:

    3.I always like to wait until they are a year old or older.....but if the nubian doe reaches 80 lbs is OK to breed her....myself I don't recommend it ...because you want them to get there growth in.... and be mature enough be able to carry a kid or kids....
    when they are trying to grow at the same time... as being preggo ...then instead of there body focusing on growth of there body .....focuses on the kids growth instead....
    no question is stupid...we all have to learn and asking is a great way to start...... :hug: :wink:
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    Mar 16, 2009
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    Oh yeah sry forgot the when to breed q. :oops: The lady I got mine from(black mesa ranch) does the ff at 8 months. I didn't ask the weight thing sry. now she does this for dairy production reasons. it wont hurt to let her wait till next year to breed you just wont get as much milk for your own use as you would have other wise.