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Shameless Self Promotion

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This past weekend was National Trails Day ... our 4-H group did a hike within Monocacy National Battlefield. I shared this with the American Hiking Society and we wound up getting a little profile on the Eastern Mountain Sports blog! ... and-trash/
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OH I love shameless self promotion! I do it all the time :) Great read. Makes me wanna put together a group from around here and go out and clean up some messy areas.
Very nice article, happy to see your 4H kids so productive.
If you're going to do self-promotion you need a theme song:

Well, East Coast Goats are hip
They look and act so debonaire
With their saddles snug and their packs on tight
Make a trail crew, oh so rare

There I got you started ;-)
That's great Bob ... I think I may actually turn that over to the kids and let them roll with it!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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