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Sharing my sweet mini manchas

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My doe, Marvel (white one) is 7mos, and my free Martin is 8mos. Does anyone else have a mini matcha that is a Freemartin?

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So how much does a mini mancha weigh? The look so cute up on their milking stand!
How do you keep yer doe in the headstall? My minimancha, Jessica, slips right out of the headstall on my stanchion because of her delicate little head!
They are so cute. I just got my two 5 month mini lamancha does a few weeks ago. I already love them. They are so sweet and quite
awww so adorable (we have the exact same milk stand!!!!)... do you live in CA? no freemartins here... didnt know goats could be FMs thought it was a dairy cow thing....
Cute:)). I just love mini manchas:)
We live in Northern CA. They weight almost 40lbs. They do not fit on the stanchion my husband built them, but love to play on it:). We live in town on a 1/4 acre and they have the sweetest disposition, my neighbors love them.
We live in Southern California. On 1/6 of acre and neighbors don't even know we have mini manachas because they are so quite ;)
So sweet! I wanted LaManchas but, we don't have any. Not complaining. Love your girls, they're gorgeous!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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