Shedding twice???

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by ArcticGoats, Nov 15, 2009.

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    Jun 9, 2008
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    Hey All -

    I have a goat that has just shed out - is it normal for a goat to shed twice a year (i know some dogs do)? My others are all wooly and fleecing out nicely but this guy just shed over the last month and looks a wreck (he's a cashmere wether) - and we are supposed to get our first cold snap of the year this week (-20F anyway) He did it last year too but I thought it was just because he was losing his baby coat and getting in an adult coat - and he didn't do it this late in the year, although we've had a pretty warm fall, by our standards anyway. I would think a mineral problem but he is the top dog and so has access to ALL food (and minerals). His face and ears have also darkened in coulour. He seems fine otherwise. I wormed with ivormectin (twice) to eliminate the lice question, but they were kind of itchy before that. Anyway, is this normal or as a fiberista should I just be glad of the extra fleece??? Thanks for any thoughts -
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    personally I dont know if its normal or not :scratch:

    in January I purchased a doe who 20 days later started to shed out all her winter coat -- it was so cold and she was so balding I had to put a coat on her. IN time she grew it back again.

    THe only thing her previous owner myself and my mom could come up with is that we are a few degrees warmer here then where she was and maybe the stress of the move :shrug:

    if he did this last year then I would assume it being normal for him

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    He will be fine. I have seen a lot of Cashmere do this. It is not going to hurt him at all. He will not loose it all, just some extra.

    I would not be concerned at all. Now if he looses it all and is bare then I would be concerned. Now yes they can start to loose it when it warms up and that has been out problem here, we have been in the 70 degree area and now we are in a storm. They really loose the fiber after the solstices. They stop growing their fiber really around December 21st, then after that he will loose it. Just don't start to comb it out. If you notice puffs then go ahead and pull those but don't comb him.
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    Weather changes.....can confuse natures sheds..... this year.. for us ...has been odd... with warm nice temps cold to warm again..... :wink: :greengrin:

    I know you said... you used Ivomac , there are 2 types of lice biting and type you must inject the Ivomac to kill... while the other use it down the throat....I also spray the goats with make sure..... :wink: :greengrin:
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    Hmmm, well that's interesting about the lice - last year I injected the ivomec and it stopped the itching, this year I poured it down their gullets - itching is reduced but it took longer.

    I ended up brushing him out cause it seemed such a waste to let all that good fiber get caught on the trees - so he has a good coat, just not fleecy right now. Last year, I didn't think he was going to grow any fleece and then POOF! it all sprang up like a chia pet and he ended up with a really nice coat and good fiber. So, we'll see - today its -20F so he must be re-thinking this shedding strategy!

    I can't think why he could be stressed, unless he feels pressure to remain top goat. No one really challenges him - the second in command just seems content to be his wing man. I'm guessing its just genetics now - or nutrition but I can't figure out what he's missing!

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    I have 2 does that will shed out again after they have been bred. It confirms their pregnancies for me :)