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Hi! Sorry for off-topic, but I have a question about building a sheep deck chair. I think it is a good idea to do like this. You have to look at some hand trucks/trolleys and chair, I think converting a wider one to make a sheep chair in the garden would be the answer. There are old hand trucks around which could be modified using a hacksaw and file to remove the straight back brace part and, if the frame is strong enough for the 70-80kg sheep without the brace, adding netting and a strap to hold the sheep in place.

The hand truck wheels are a great attraction as they enable easy moving of the truck around to the sheep and also easy tipping it back into position and forward to let it out afterward.

If a curved brace is needed then likely a local engineer could weld one on. And the handles could be hooked on to yard or fence rails. What do you think about it?
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