Shock Collar on a Buck (Dont roast me)

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    Apr 10, 2019
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    My sympathies...My buck just made 3 yrs. and turned into some kind of feral flying bowling ball. That pees a lot. I actually (and I know the pros and cons) have a halter on him because I could not control him with a collar. Having more control over his head helps a lot. He's tied out on most days and has a tire swing he plays with. In his pen I have been supplying him with cardboard boxes to bash and he has an empty 5 gal. water jug that he likes the sound of when he knocks it around. He bloodied up his pal so I pulled the poor guy out. He does have other goats in sight at all times. And although he's a butthead right now, I have had worse...
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    Amazing how agile they can be. No insult intended: :funnytech: :heehee: (rofl) Not laughing at what happened, you just have a very descriptive and funny way of telling stories about Clyde's antics throughout this post.
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    Geez, a Skynyrd porta pot...that’s really bad! Been there... smelled that... waaaay back when lol. ;)
    (We’re showin our age ...uh oh ;) )
    I think a boer wether would be great for Clyde. I have one who’s So easy to handle, but when he’s in with Merlin (my buck) he ramps up and plays rough And tumble. Five minutes later I can put him in with my very young Nigi kids and he lets them use him as a trampoline. They have amazing personalities and are very lovable.
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    Omg my ffa goat is named Clyde lol
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    Aug 3, 2019
    With the behavior you’re describing you might want to look into a hot shot to keep yourself safe.
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    Lol, thanks y'all.

    No he's normally pretty docile. He is just a horny bored rutty boy..but one thing I like is it sounds like it's time to add another go-tee.

    He loves my wife..he was out there going stupid running Bonnie..she walls out there, grabs him by the collar and put him in there pasture. Lol

    Its just daddy he likes to try to be funny. They are both bottle babies and rotten.