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Should doe go out of heat after being bred?

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I know this is probably a silly question but I am a first time goat breeder. I am trying to start with my experienced doe first so that I hopefully have a smooth first time. I have had her and my young buck in side by side pens for a while and at the end of last month when she looked like she was going into heat I put them in together. She wouldn't let him breed her that time but they were at least doing the song and dance part if you know what I mean. I waited a couple days and put them back in together, this was the 31st of November. She allowed him to mount that time, so after they were done I separated them again. A few days later on the 2nd of December I put them in together again since she was still trying to get in with him and flagging her tail this time she actually did the scrunching up when he bred her. Separated them and did it again on the 7th and the 11th each time she would allow him to mount several times and did the scrunching. I thought for sure she was bred by now? Today I took my buck out to the other goat pen to see if any of the other does were in heat, they all started showing signs of going into heat but wouldn't let him mount yet, so I was bringing him back up to his pen. The previously "bred" doe was still acting interested in him so I let him go in with her again because he was acting kind of frustrated about the other does and surprisingly she is still allowing him to mount her. Is this normal for them to allow this for such a long period of time. I would have thought she would have come out of heat and stopped allowing him again. Any advice?
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Sounds like she might be short cycling. That is not normal.
So what should I be doing for her?
She has gone back out of heat again and won't let the buck mess with her so I guess I will watch her closely for signs she is going in heat again.
With short cycling you can try cystorlin. You would need to get that from a vet.
Ok thanks. If she goes back into heat in the next few days I will give her a call.
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