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We just got two 5 month old Nubian wethers. They have been with us almost 3 weeks now. I noticed a few days after we brought them here that one of them had labored breathing and I watched him for pneumonia. It never went past that and his breathing went back to normal.

However, the past week it has gotten quite a bit cooler here and been wet. So now they both have snotty noses and a cough developing. They still have BIG appetites and drink water normally. I've ordered Molly's Immune Support Tincture and wanted to try that first since I've heard really good things about it helping this in particular. I've tried to keep our herd as chemical free as possible.

BUT I won't get the IST in until mid week next week. Should I go ahead and give them antibiotics just to be safe?? If so, what kind should I look for at say Tractor Supply or other feed stores and how is it typically administered? A shot or what?

I've never had to give antibiotics before but I just didn't want them to get to the point where they aren't eating and get sicker.

Thanks for the help!

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I would start with a temp on them both.. 101.5-103.5 is normal range...if all looks good there..I would give a shot of B complex and see how they do..change in weather can cause a bit of a long as they are acting normal otherwise, I wont jump to antibiotics just yet...But keep a close eye on them..things can change quickly..also keep an eye out for anemia...always a good idea to check eye lid color wishes
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