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Show buck vs. Wether project

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I have to decide which buck I want to keep a buck or make a wether soon and was looking for some help both have the same bloodlines and birthdate. The top two pictures are the same buck and the bottom two are the same.


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They are nice looking boys!
When all things are equal in a decision like this, I look for attitude. Some KNOW they are extraordinary.
He just carries himself with that extra pizazz.
Oh wow, both nice indeed. But can change as they grow. How old are they now?
I like to wait til at least 2 months old to decide, that is when you know where they are going as in show goat.
Also by then, you can check teat structure ect a bit easier. I have had some that were really nice go and change at 2 months old.
I made the mistake once of banding one, I shouldn't have.
Gorgeous kids... :) It's hard to say at this point who would be better. You probably couldn't go wrong with either.

Who's their sire?
There sire is go dog go of Cindy Westfall the bad thing is I have to burn their horns for my fair which I do at two weeks and that's how old they are now
Have you checked teats? If one is a mess, that could make the decision easier.
Oh Cool... that's a nice buck. Go figure with those nice bucklings!
Both seem to have good teats and I can't find anything wrong that would be a disqualification.
ADG is another thing to consider. :wink: :rainbow:
Oh Cool... that's a nice buck. Go figure with those nice bucklings!
I know.... I started googling that buck. again....
Both beauties! That is a tough choice. Is the second one a bit longer? That would make a difference to me.
Yes the second is alittle longer.
Ha... googling... hadn't heard that one! :)

I was just looking at Go Dog Go today at the buck collection... somebody had a picture of him on a clip board picture thing. :)
With some more opinions from people actually coming to the farm I have decided to keep both as bucks. So if anybody is looking for a new fullblood buck let me know I also have a paint that looks just like them out of the same flush.
They are tremendous boys! I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I castrated either of them! You definitely have something good started here ;) I hope both bucks grow into their full potential and achieve greatness in the industry. :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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