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So this year I decided to get my small herd (at the time it was small when I started) into showing - I had no idea and was super intimidated by this - but went and watched a couple shows, then showed 2 of my Jr does then went up and showed a couple of my Mini's at one of the Miniature dairy goat associated showes put on with the North west all breed club - I am content with my result:
Mini Nubians:
NWABC MDGA Monroe WA June 2013
Trouble ~ 2nd generation mini nubian born March 2013 -
1st x 2
3rd x1
RGCH BOB (against sr's due to sanctioning - mini's are still new)
Franky 1st Generation mini nubian born Feb 2013
2nd x1
4th x2
*he was not well liked by 2 of the judges due to breed character wich is not supposed to be as important for a 1st generation - so I got a lot of flack on him
Rose - 3rd Generatoin 50/50% 3yr old 1st freshener
*Rose did not place well due to getting into pig feed week before show then getting sick and coming off feed and not uddering up for the show (before I new people let them fill longer if needed - I milked out like I would of at home) Better luck next year because she is a beautiful doe!
Chaos 2nd generation born March 2013 (trouble is her brother)
*no other competition in her class - no special winnings
** Those were the only mini's I had at the time so that was it

Miniature dairy goat association summer 2013 virtual show
1st place x1
Grand Champion Jr mini Nubian buck (He recieved his 1st (restricted) V-leg)
4th (and last place) in the 2nd ring
2nd x1
4th x1
2nd x2 but no other compatition

Sugar - born March 2013
*This was my best placing doeling Only took her to 2 county fairs to show her
Lane County Fair
2nd place (6 in class)
Benton County Fair
1st Place (5 in class)
T'cup Born Nov 2012
4th place out of 7 in a 1 ring Jr doe show
Last place (6th) at Lane county fairy
1st place at Benton county fair
6th place out of 7 in a one ring Jr doe show (T'cups 1/2 sister)
5th Place out 6 Lane county fair
2nd Place Benton County Fair

Not great numbers - but I am content with it as this was my first year getting in and getting my feet wet in the show ring!
Pictures posted
1st is of my daughter and Sugar my best placing Nigerian
2nd is of Trouble with his win at the Show in Monroe WA (MDGA mini show)
3rd is of Franky - 1st gen 75% nigerian mini Didn't do as well at live shows due to his airplane ears and straight/almost dished nose - but in one ring got 2nd over trouble because one judge did judge him on conformation - reason I kept him intact as well as his milk/udder/teats background
He did get grand champion Jr buck in the virtual show for his great conformation


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