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Hi all,

Last year after the corn stalks dried in the garden I used my shredder and made quick work of all the stalks and a nice pile of mulch that I left to compost in the garden.
I had planned to give the stalks to my goats but they simply had no interest in dried corn stalks

I've been harvesting my corn and noticed that when I threw in green stalks, the goats ate the leaves and tips but not the stalks.

Today I was shredding green stalks, just to clean out the garden somewhat. I ground up a half a mineral tub when I thought to offer it to my goats. They love it, but......I took it away, what if it's not good for them?

It's the entire stalk, leaves, flowers, and corn that was too small to harvest.

I used my leaf/branch shredder/mulche. It worked fantastic but I wanted to know, is it safe for goats to eat it?

Thanks for any input
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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