Sick baby goat, now Lethergic and Wobbly!

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by TinyHoovesRanch, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. TinyHoovesRanch

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    Ok, she is hopefully taking him tonight! Will update when she goes!
  2. TinyHoovesRanch

    TinyHoovesRanch New Member

    So she tried for tonight but no one was available so shes going tomorrow morning

    He seems better tonight, he was wagging his tail all excited to see her, and his poop isnt as bad.

    She just told me something that may be the cause.

    She dusted them with some bug dust, because she thought they had bugs, and I guess they got dusted inside the pen where they munch on the grass. Could this of caused his behavior?

  3. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    if he ate some of the dust yes it could cause that type of behavior
  4. TinyHoovesRanch

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    Heres the kind she got!
    permectrin fly and louse dust

    That makes sense because they were healthy for a week being there, and then she dusted them and a couple days later only one got really bad. She moved them both now so they cant eat anymore of it, but they LOVE the grass in their pen and shes pretty sure they had some
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  6. TinyHoovesRanch

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    She said hes alot more active today, when she let them out they were running around and went through the doggy door into the house lol. She is calling vets to see whos available, theres only 3 goat vets near her.
  7. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    That is good... :hi5: it may of been the powder stuff.... :(
  8. TinyHoovesRanch

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    Well, she ended up talking to a vet at UC Davis, they said to just watch him and they think it was because he was taken too soon from his mom which to me is NOT true, he STOPPED eating at 6 weeks, and was eating full solid food so his tummy was used to it, also our vet came out and was playing with them making sure they were ok, and he said they were nice and healthy and could go to a new home now.

    So I dont understand...Hope it will just pass, but I think its either Cocci or the dust.
  9. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    The powder stuff... could of made the kid lethargic...and really down....especially with the improvement so quickly... hours later after the kid was moved from that area......... if the baby is still scouring....why didn't they do a fecal ? :scratch:

    I believe it is cocci too...and that is hog wash to say ...the baby was taken to soon...some are taken sooner and never have issues.... :doh:
  10. TinyHoovesRanch

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    I would NEVER let a baby go early unless he was ready! None of jennys kids are nursing anymore, they love to eat the grass and hay, so they are pretty much weaned.

    And he was fine with me, then a couple days after being with her he gets sick RIGHT after she dusted him and it was all in the pen. The uc davis vet believed it was my fault and said just to watch him, he should get better soon.

    Im really mad, because if he dies im gonna get blamed for it! Plus I really love those boys, and I cant imagine anything happening to him!

    I just told her that all my goat friends have said its most likely either cocci OR the dust and that goats dont have that bad of problems when weaned too soon, and that she really needs to go and let the vet look at him. Hopefully she will go, she said if he gets worse she will UGH :(
  11. firelight27

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    Vets are stupid when it comes to goats. That is honestly my opinion. Last time I went and saw a vet who had a herd of sheep, he told me that my kid couldn't have FKS (which I'm sure he had) and to do exactly what I had already been doing (tubing electrolytes) and keep him warm. He insisted I feed him, and I did when he did a full rebound. Then he crashed right after feeding and died. I'm almost positive his advice killed the kid. When the kid crashed again I called him up and he just told me that he had no clue what was wrong and that he wished me luck. Never even gave me a guess beyond that he was possibly constipated and dehydrated and cold (even though his temperature was normal.) He also insisted I was a horrible person because I was feeding the kid whole cow's milk rather than powdered replacer.
  12. capriola-nd

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    Jul 6, 2008
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    To help the kids transition easier to their new home, I always include a sample of their grain and hay so they can gradually switch to whatever their owners will be feeding. It's a good idea and better for the kids. I'd also suggest to her to give them some grass hay in the am before letting out to eat green grass. This was probably already mentioned (didn't have time to read all the posts).
  13. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    If she can't take the goat in ...have her at least take a fecal sample in... that is all she has to do....some vets.... do it right there quickly or find results within a couple days..... We just need to know... if the scouring is from worms...cocci.... so treatment can begin.... if that is the case..... If she keeps prolonging it....and the goat continues to scours... the goat will get very sick on dehydration is really bad...and can kill them....

    It is very unfair... that she is blaming you for trying to help and give her advice on what to do.... :( :hug:
  14. TinyHoovesRanch

    TinyHoovesRanch New Member

    Fireflight: I know EXACTLY how you feel.

    Olivia: I did that, so I know it cant be my fault, I told her to transition slowly and not to give too much grain if any!

    Pam: Im going to suggest that tomorrow. She has her mind set on what the vet said, which makes me look bad, sending her off with a sick goat, I feel really bad and I hope she doesnt think im a bad person. I never intended for this to happen, but told her I have nothing to hide, she can come inspect my goats and see that no one is sick and no one has runny poo, except one which im trying to fix!
    Hopefully hes ok tomorrow, but I doubt it!
  15. kitten6500

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    Dec 31, 2010
    As an ex-employee of UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital I can say they aren't that great... Sorry they are just blaming you!! :(

    My fingers are crossed it's all fine by the weekend, and this person will just forget about it. It sounds like you've done nothing wrong, AND you're trying to help her! I know a few breeders who wouldn't have even answered the email...

  16. toth boer goats

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    I agree... that not all vets are correct in their decisions ...cures...or what to give a goat.... vets have the idea of ..a "goat is a goat" which.. is so far from the truth.. they are very loving and loyal.....vets through many years... never wanted to learn or waste their time... on how to care for and treat goats..... Now... they are being shoved into their faces they have become so popular.......vets do have medical books... that they dig into... I seen it....because he hadn't dealt with the issue thrown at them.... :doh: they just assume... the same treatments they do with other animals... in which... can be so deadly.......I am sorry to say...they don't know a caboose from a hole in the ground...I have even taught my vet a thing or two..... :doh: :help:

    We have had vets more than once... being so wrong ...and proven here.. that the recommendations ...have been so wrong ...that it would of killed or harmed their goats....and in some cases ...some here have loss their precious goats.... because of a vets stupid decision..... that is why ...alot of members come here for 2nd opinions... after our vets have told us what to find... that it was such a bad idea... :( We here... have learned from trial and error ...because we had no vets to help us....and to this day... their are only a hand full... that know alot about goats in this whole world.... :( is pretty sad ...we can't even trust the judgment of a vet ...but...that is what it is... We all have saved alot of animals lives here on TGS....and I have more faith and trust in our members here... than I do... my own vet.... our members..moderators and Administrator.."All"make a great team.. . :grouphug:
    I pray ...Laura... that she doesn't rely upon... what that vet said because...she could lose her goat by doing that...we wanted the scours fixed... and a fecal done... to verify ...if that is the case... and begin treatment...not for the vet .. to tell her what he did...and still not fix the problem....that is so lame in itself.... :hair:
    Stress from the move ...being torn apart from the momma and the herd that the goat knew... can trigger cocci and worms.... no matter... if the kid was 1 month old.. to 1 year old.... it can happen to any goat....and is curable... if done.. in a timely manor.... however... if she waits to long... the outcome can be devastating... :hug:
  17. TinyHoovesRanch

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    Thanks :( I havent heard anything today, hope hes ok!

    Pam, I totally agree. I dont even trust vets anymore! The only one I do trust is my friends vet, hes amazing and has agreed with everything on this forum and actually listens to me and trys to work with me! He will try what I reccomend and then thank me, hes really awesome and im so glad hes my new vet. He also LOVES goats and knows they are much different than other livestock. When I told him what the other vet said he was laughing, I cant believe someone with a liscense would say that! So he came out the other day to check on my goats, since apparently my little doeling should be sick from being weaned too soon right? NOPE shes fine, bouncy and as crazy as ever, she nurses a tiny bit but thats it.

    I also have gracie, who refuses to be normal. We did a fecal test and she was ok on everything, a little bit of worms so we dewormed her and she still has runny poop. The only thing we havent tried is Probios paste, so we are going to do that for about a week. He thinks that she has a sensitive tummy and still hasnt gotten used to the new food, im not sure if thats it but what else can it be? She doesnt have cocci, she doesnt have worms anymore, temp is fine, shes eating and acting normal, no sign of being sick, so we are both so confused lol

    Anyway, I told my friend that I WOULD take him to the vet, Then I showed her a pic of Lotus when she was deathly sick and had cocci, and she said that her other wether has a bloated look like her, UM HELLO Lotus pretty much DIED from being bloated, although she did come back to life lol, she is very much alive and healthy now BUT she didnt have a good time, and I regret when she almost died, so hopefully that scary story will make her go to the vet!
  18. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
    I am glad have a good vet that agrees here.....he's a keeper ...Also one that loves what he seems that vets start out caring and are genuine ...but ...a few years the money really rolls in... it seems they only care about their pocket books and not the animal... which saddens me.... Hopefully your vet will never lose that... I can't say that all don't care but it does happen..I seen it... :(

    Sensitive tummy can be the cause for your goat....maybe back off a bit on the new feed..and see if it helps...also feeding hot feed like Alfalfa can cause it....
    so.. if you have some less hot feed hay... to go with can sprinkle the hay... that the goat has an issue with ...on the hay the goat is not having an issue with... and gradually increase... then decrease the other...does that make since? :laugh:

    Probiotic paste helps with rumen upset that can also cause off poo....I would try that for sure...baking soda helps too...

    Your so right in your opinion on this... I don't know why she is being so hard headed.... :doh: :help: :scratch:

  19. firelight27

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    Congrats on having an awesome vet! I know it really stinks to not have a good goat vet. I'm sorry your friend is being bullheaded. I would ask her if she would be open to a second opinion from another vet and have her get in contact with yours.
  20. TinyHoovesRanch

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    Pam: I understand about the Vets, this guy actually quit his old hospital because he didnt agree with them, he has his own private practice now which makes him even cooler! lol hes really nice and has given my friend some MAJOR deals! Just a week ago, her horse was hit by a truck(long story) But he came out and fixed her up for very cheap! He is in love with my goats, and that makes me even happier!

    Anyway, an update on Gracie, Gave her paste, she will get some for the next week. She keeps going in and out of it, a few days ago she had it and now she doesnt. We are giving her oat hay, it should help her, its very good for the goats, but not rich like alfalfa, and she loves it so that helps. I feel her everyday to make sure shes ok and she feels fine, she has a little tummy, and I cant feel any skinnyness. Shes just a very happy but very tiny little goat. Shes made it this long, I think she will be ok!

    I havent gotten an update on the wethers, she was really busy today, im guessing they are still alive, at least I hope.

    I asked her about a second vet, she said if they are still bad by monday she will go, unfortunately she cant use my vet because shes about 2 hours from me lol