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Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by beefy, Dec 3, 2009.

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    Aug 2, 2009
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    one of my goats has been sick for a while now, about a week and a half. i wormed them about two weeks ago and this doe had a little bit of a bottle jaw when i did that. i gave her ivomec orally. about three or four days later she developed foul smelling running dark colored diarrhea and has had it pretty much since then.. shes just been laying around most of the day, but drinking well and grazing some. she has a really fluffy dull looking coat, i just figured it was a winter coat..
    anyway, she just lounges around all day and first to bed and last to get up and about in the mornings. she had a little nasal discharge. today i noticed she has lost a lot of weight and i let her out to see if i could get her to eat anything thatshe doenst normally get to eat and seh went to some minerals. she pooped a little bit while out and it was a little firmer but had some mucus in it maybe? anyway, what should i do?
    i'm kind of scared to worm her again. does it sound like coccidiosis?
    shes probably like about 10 months old?
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    Yes, it does sound alot like the symptoms of coccidia. Have a fecal run to be sure, especially if you have not dealt with cocci before.
    A 30 cc dose of Pepto will help with the runs, give her hay as well as some dry oatmeal and make sure she continues to drink. Get a temp on her too...sometimes coccidia will cause a fever and she will need to be on antibiotics as well as a sulfa treatment to get well.

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    I agree with everything Liz mentioned....have a fecal done, it takes out the guess work....... :wink: :greengrin:
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    Oct 4, 2007
    yup classic signs of coccidia or worms

    Albon, DiMethox, Sulmet or Corid would be my suggestions for treatment for coccidia

    if it is worms you need ivermectin or cydectin

    Best to get a fecal done so you know what the exact problem is.