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    Apr 7, 2020
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    Hi I have been having a problem with strongyles and I have done two rounds of cydectin 2 weeks apart one with added safeguard and the second with valbazen.

    I had separated them in to groups

    2 boar does

    My 3 buck babies

    And my 3 Nigerians

    My ten year old Nigerians worm load has gone from 1800 epg to 2500 back down to 1000

    My 8 month old boar doe had 1850 epg last fecal

    My 15 week old boar buck had 1000 epg last fecal

    Now one of my wethers that is in my pen with my 10 yr old is not looking good at all he is drowsy and just keeping to him self most of the day.

    I’m not sure what to do

    Last time one of my goats had these symptoms she past in about 2 days.

    I have given him red cell and a Vitamin b complex shot.

    Is there anything I can give him

    I’m also debating whether I should do prohibit sense none of the dewormers seem to be helping

    But am I able to give it to them after I did cydectin and valbazen 10 days ago??
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  3. Danielle Stormes

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    Apr 7, 2020
    New Jersey
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    Cydectin sheep drench does best at 4.5 cc per 25 pounds. Does your double dose work out to be at least that?
    Quest is a gel form of cydectin for horses and the strongest dose of meds. If you go that route..dose is 1 cc per 100 not boostwr sooner than 21 days.
    When chemical dewormers stopped working here I started LOH herbal parasite formula and DoTerra Essental oils and have not looked back. But it take dedication to give every week and somtimes 2 times or more a week.
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    Valbazen saved my calf. I dont know much abt strongyles in goats though. Quest is a really great product though! Definitely start that, give the products time to work. They dont work immediately, especially if you are using a lot.

    i have heard that strongyles are from horses. Yes i know worms are species specific, but it makes me wonder how I ever got strongyles in my pastures when i haven't bought cows in at least 2 years, and got a new donkey in January. DON'T quote me on that, get someone else to confirm, but if you have horses or donkeys, it wont hurt to get a fecal.

    i also recommend LOH.

    Ok: Is the wether anemic? If so red cell, i think you learned that inject able iron is a huge no-no. ask your vet for prescription B-12. If he is anemic, he NEEDS protein! if he will eat, give calf manna. If he wont, blend calf manna, water and a little bit of milk replacer for taste and added protein. make sure you put AC in it for the wether. They lose weight unbelievably fast when they are anemic.

    Im sorry for your losses :(
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    What dosage of Valbazen have you been using?