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    Oct 12, 2007
    Ive got a doe that had to have a c-section Friday evening it went well and I brought her and her baby back home the same day shes been doing pretty well considering she been operated on and has a baby I put her and the baby in a stall with hay and water and some goat feed she ate a little feed the first night but hasn't eaten since then .today I got her to eat 2 slices of bread and pulled up some grass and shes eating it but now she has diarrhea since she wasn't eating yesterday I syringed some drench in her also some yogurt about 30ml twice also gave her some pedialte about the same because shes not drinking water or very little and cut a pine branch and hung it up .this morning before it was light and before the grass I gave her about 30ml of drench am I over doing it making her have diarrhea I have just gave her a 2mg tablet of anti-diarrheal I have sulmet but haven't gave her any please help waiting on someone that knows what to do
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    Be careful what you give her at this point for the runs. You want to make sure her rumen keeps working. Take her temp and see if it is high, low or normal. You might try giving her some vit B complex sub q to kick start her appetite. Give her warm molasis water to see if she will drink more. C-sections are really hard on goats and many do not live through it. Keeping the rumen working is the key to survival.

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    If you have a good working relationship with your vet, he/she would like to know you are having problems. Look at all the stress of labor, surgery, the trauma her belly has gone through etc. Working for a vet for so may years it is easier to fix things early in the game then when things have been going down hill for several days. The advise you received in the previous post is very good. It would be nice to know if it is ketosis, infection, pain etc. I wish the best for you and your doe.
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    C-sections are traumatic and I know that some does won't survive it but we've only had one here and it wasn't as bad as I have always heard. My vet is a big believer in NOT over medicating. My doe did not take any antibiotics or pain meds once she left the vet's office. He gave her some antibiotics and pain medication immediately following the surgery in his office and then we brought her home. Here's the rest of what we did:

    Her stall was super-cleaned and disinfected before I picked her up. That meant the dirt floor was stripped and dug out as far as I could get it and the walls were scrubbed and then bleached. All the feeders, water bucket, mineral feeder, etc were scrubbed and bleached and then the stall was re-bedded in deep, clean wood chips. Sawdust is obviously too dusty and straw is too pokey, imo for a very tender doe. Her feeders and buckets were cleaned and re-bleached daily. I kept her wound clean by gently sponging her side with warm water and baby shampoo every day and then allowing it to air dry before I sprayed it with Solarcain. Solarcain has some numbing qualities to it as well. She was left to dam raise her kids to help her body and uterus to recover more quickly by the constant nursing vs. the stress of bagging up to be milked two or three times a day. She was fed normally and never got any supplements at all. I picked out her bedding and added more as needed and she recovered with no trouble. Mostly, she was left in peace with her twins to bond and to heal. She has been bred since then and she is preggers now.

    The diarhea (sp?) is sometimes a natural reaction to stress. She needs time to heal and she needs to be able to do that in as sterile an environment as possible, imo. Infection following surgery is a much bigger threat than the actual c-section once it's over. Goat immune systems just don't handle stress very well and this is major stress.

    One other thing I would add is that any follow up care in an instance like that is considered already paid for with the surgery at my vet. I could call or run her into the office any time I had a question about her health and he would see her for free. (well, not free - the c-section was $600) but if I had been concerned about something like loose stools, I would have run her in to have her checked out. She CAN recover and go on to a long, happy life.

    Please keep us posted. I know what a nightmare this can be. You're a great goat-keeper to be putting so much in to the care of a FF and I'm sure you'll pull her through just fine!

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    How is she doing? I have never had a goat that had to have a C-section, so i have no advice other then the Vit B Complex, an have you tried some Molasses water?

    Good Luck, I hope all comes out fine. :pray: