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The annual silent auction at the rendy this year is looking for donations. We raise around $1,000 a year from this and NAPgA needs the money.
Please send things to me or bring them with you. Any goat or farm related items welcome. No item too large or too small.
Dwite Sharp will be bringing some kids from his packgoat lines for the auction. I got two that way alst year and they are great guys. Big too.

My address for mailing is
Carolyn Eddy
PO Box 755
Estacada, OR 97022

NAPgA appreciates all the donations and help you can give.

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Rendy in Utah

I will not be able to make it to Utah for the 2013 Rendy. Was out walking the goats tonight in the hot summer evening by the big Snake River below the house. Made me think about all the Goat Packing friends Ive met over the past few years and how far I have come with my Goat Packing journey. We have three big widerness pack trips planed for some excellent fishing in the Wehaha Wilderness so we will be out Goat Packing over three weeks this summer. Pics to follow.

I will be there in spirit. Can someone please take lots of pics and a few group Pictures for the Forum or the NAPgA web site. Have a great summer everyone and enjoy your goats.

"Long Live The Pack Goat"

Curtis King Burbank WA.
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