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I took some video the other day and earlier this evening of the kids goats being as silly as ever!

It's usually hard to get video...they are always under my feet, or in this case, chewing on me, rubbing on me, lol

There is no shortness of laughter when they get to playing...

My son's 4-H wether is such a sweetie, he's very affectionate. He is always loving all over us, and demanding our full attention. He really really loves my son and youngest daughter ♥ Despite having horns, he's so very gentle with them.

The 3 Amiga's - Peanut <6 wk. old bottle baby>, Pandy <red paint> and Caramel <spotted> are silly, spoiled girls. Pandy looks out for Peanut, they are such a cute pair, I just love watching these 3 girls together :)
Of course there are lots of laughs lol

My very favorite one so far....
I took this earlier this morning, my son's wether, Rudy, and my oldest daughter's wether, Dusty....OMG these guys keep the laughs coming LOL
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