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Single Man and goat herd need a good Goat Lady

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This single man and his herd of nice boer goats would like to meet a nice goat lady. He is located in the country by Walters, Oklahoma in between Wichita Falls and Lawton. He is 44 years young, financially secure and really nice looking :D Pictures available on request of herd and herder. Pm if interested.


More pictures of man and goats availabe at Facebook Gregory T. Allen
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LOL They finally talked you into it huh?
Bahaha!! There should totally be a goatspot dating site ... just sayin'. ;)
Goats or Goat ladies ethnicity unimportant. Open to all meat goat, dairy goat, and even pet goat ladies

will keep my eyes and ears out for you....even if I don't really know anyone remotely close to where you are... :thumb:

Priceless! Maybe your goats should place an ad on a dating website for you? They have horse single sites and farmer dating sites so why not goat single sites? I can picture you submitting a picture of a nice boer buck with your ad now. . . ;)

Sorry I do not know anyone in that area. . . maybe start jogging with a goat. . . kinda like single fathers using kids to catch the women's eyes in public?
good idea DDFN....dogs can also be used.
It is rather isn't it.... I will have to let my crush know he better be on his best behavior!!:p
Ha ha! Looks like a catch to me! Go get him ladies!
That is so cute!
Way to Go GT...: ) I will put my ear to the ground for you..!! As long as you dont mind Texas ladies ;)
Sounds great GT. I hope you find a wonderful goat lady soon.
Oh that is so funny GTAllen , my best wishes on finding that special
lady ;) I can't think of any better place to find someone actually.
At least you can get to know them first , lol. When you reach a certain age , the dating scene is quite scary IMO. I would personally try going for a walk with the baby goats , carry them , that would drive any woman crazy , lol. Or , get yourself a puppy , lol.
Any good woman worth their salt would go "ga ga" over a handsome man carrying a baby animal in his arms ;) And when she reaches over to pet the goat and doesn't smell her hand afterwards , get her number , she's most likely a keeper ;)
Awww I hope you find a good goat lady, you seem like such a nice man, I'm sure she will be a very lucky lady!
I don't know anyone in your area, sorry.
I may have found you the perfect woman GT


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Now that's a goat lady lol
Pretty one too, I think, even with the horns. Just don't get in an argument with her, she might be more hard headed than you are!:p
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