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Went to check, oh baby! More to come.

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Yay, congrats :)
WooHoo! :stars:
She sucked down nearly a half bucket of molasses water. As of a few hrs ago kids hadn't found teats.
Syringed colostrum down them, going out to check in a few.
Had to get a kid out from under her twice already the numbskull.
Congratulations on an early Christmas surprise. I had a doeling kid born one year that I had to feed with a syringe for a bit. She just seemed to not be able to get the idea about the teat...... but she did figure it out eventually, thank goodness. All the best.
That one has pants!
Hehe. so does the one at the right & he has solid ears.
So cute. :)
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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