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Skin infection on goat

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10 mos old Boer doeling with apparent infection to front legs from hooves to knees. I treated her with a de-lousing powder containing 0.25% permethrin 3 weeks ago. Since then her legs have lost hair and are now covered with red bumps and yellowish crusty scabs. I bathed her legs and lightly scrubbed them to remove dirt, peeling skin and hair, then treated with a triple anti-biotic ointment then wrapped in gauze and vet wrap. Additionally, her lower jaw has small scabby adhesions. her eyes have lost hair around them. Am I treating her properly? Is this just lice? something else? No other goats in barn are infected with this. Temp is normal. Appetite is light but otherwise normal. Fecal is a bit looser than avg.
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Sounds more like mites. A picture would help us know for sure
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I agree a pic would help.
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