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Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by WarPony, May 7, 2010.

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    Jan 31, 2010
    ok, Parsley has come a long way since I got him home... he was really rough when i first picked him up but he has made a huge turn around and is doing much better. His new summer hair is coming in more black but still has red in it (gave him copasure and did about a million other things when i first got him) the scabs he had at first are gone but he still had this dry dandruffy look and is still itchy.

    Any suggestions on what I could do next to help his skin?

    What I did over the last few months since i got him:

    *BoSe shot
    *C/D T
    *Ivomec pour on
    *D/E externally
    *wormed with safeguard
    *lamb and kid paste dose
    *goat drench twice
    *free choice: minerals, protein tub, baking soda
    *locally mixed goat feed and a little soaked alfalfa cube (he tends to get the runs is he eats any type feed without the soaked cubes mixed with it so they are just there to dilute the feed enough to keep him from getting the poops)
    *free range browse about 4 days a week
    *almost free choice grass hay

    Is there anything else you would recommend for the dandruffy itchy skin?

    If i just need to give it more time I am fine with that but i don't want to waste time waiting and seeing if there is something else I can do in the mean time. I was wondering about the dose of copasure, if i should give him more. I gave him 1/4 tsp in a marshmallow because at the time I couldn't find anything about the proper dosage. It is clearly helping as his hair is coming in a LOT more black but is still a bit red. It has been almost 2 full months since his last dose.

    I was wondering if sunflower seeds or something like that might help? Some sort of oil or maybe there is a coat supplement that would help? I just hate seeing him look so rumpled and itchy.
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    The Copasure works very slowly so you won't see immediete results. Sometimes it takes months for the hair to turn completly black on a black goat. You could add a few tsp of corn oil to his feed (not too much or you will cause scours) for the oil content or you could add a little bit of BOSS ( again not too much).

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    I would also drench him with Aloe Vera Juice. I do that to a doe I have.

    Also, I have a doe that I cooper boluses and in about 2 weeks she looked better, so it doe work pretty fast.

    Something else you can do is wash him with a good conditioning shampoo.