Skinny buck! Help!

Discussion in 'Fuzzy Fibers' started by Di, Mar 2, 2009.

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    OMG, Hubby and I went to get some wood from the "back 40" yesterday. I decided to take Casanova out back with us, he was having a good time "browsing", but he's a bottle baby so he stays right with and comes when I call him. I reached down to give him a "scratch" and he's skinny as a rail! I'm such a bad mommy, he's been a "stinky boy" this year so I've been avoiding touching him much and of course the heavy coat of cashmere so I didn't realize he was getting so thin! He was doing the normal buck things this year and running around alot I guess he worked it all off.

    He's in the back with the mini gelding, but they both eat together fine, I put out 2-3 piles of hay so if he gets chased off he still has his own hay. He has minerals but I haven't given him too much grain...guess that has too change. I wormed him right away (although they are on a schedule for that), and put out more hay. He doesn't chase after the does anymore, so I'm thinking the "season" is over now

    So, obviously I'm not feeding him well enough, how do you all feed your fiber bucks? :help:
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    DI I know what you mean. I have to feed the boys a lot better in the breeding season. It is a lot harder to see that out boys are not as fat as we think because of the fiber. I feel my boys all the time so I can tell if I am feeding them enough.
    What I do for my boys is I give them a little grain and beet pulp (that is the only time I give grain). That does help, but feeding them as much hay as they want. They will gain the weight back since they are done chasing the girls.

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    I agree with Lori ...If breeding is done and the chasing has stopped... then pouring on the feed,,but do it gradually with the graining...he should bounce back..... :greengrin:
    You did right worm him.... :wink: