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slow eater swallors air

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I have a 10 day old kid that has been on powdered milk since day 2. He swallows air during feedings despite many different types of nipples. He also grinds his teeth, more when he's hungry, but on and off all day. Otherwise he seems to be a normal kid. Should I worry about the swallowing air or teeth grinding?
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If you put this in Health and Wellness or Beginners- someone will surely give you an answer! I don't think a lot of people look at this section!
(this was in the announcement area, just so you all don't think I'm goofy!). the formula settled so there's no air?
Slow eating, may be the hole isn't big enough. How are the nipple ends? Are the holes in the top too small? When you tip the bottle upside down with the nipple, does it not come out at all, drip or flow well?

Here and there, you have to remove the bottle from his mouth, to rebuild air in the bottle, so the milk comes out easier. The kid does suck the air out of the bottle, but that doesn't hurt him.

Grinding teeth may be a tummy ache. Is the kids tummy full. If so, is it over full? How much are you feeding milk wise per day and how many feedings?
Check to make sure he does not have a clef pallet. put your finger in his mouth and feel if the top of his mouth is normal or has a hole.

I agree it could be the hole in the nipple as well.
As Pam said...grinding teeth is gut pain...he may have an allergy to the powder milk...try switching him slowly to whole cows milk..
day one should be 3/4 powder milk 1/4 whole cows milk
day two: 50/50
day three 1/4 powder 3/4 whole cows milk
day 4 100% cows milk

Also be sure he is getting what he needs, too much milk can cause toxcity inth egut which is painful...
weigh him and multiply his weight by 16 to get his weight in oz
multiply his weight in Oz by 10% to see how much he needs daily
divide that amount into 4 bottles..

C D antitoxin would be a good idea while he is grinding teeth...
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Thanks for all the replies. He is doing much better w/feedings and has started to drink and nibble grass and a little sweet feed. Still grinding teeth some but only around feeding time, so I think it is more of a hunger thing than the air now.
Glad to hear, he is doing good, thanks for the update. :)
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