Small Nigerian herd reduction- MA TRANSPORT AVAILABLE!

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    We have brought quite a few new members into the herd so we need to let go of a few of the ones that dont really fit into the program anymore.

    Runaround is planning a trip to NC the end of April and has said she could transport any of these guys anywhere along her route for a small gas fee! :clap:

    1)Sisters Three PT's IO available in milk for $375. Born 5/28/06
    S: Kids Corral Pat's Tenor
    D: Kids Corral SF Twinkle
    IO is a second freshener with a very capacious udder, she is polled and moonspotted. She just kidded with triplets the other week.

    2) Kids Corral CR Ems Abbye- Born 2/21/06
    S: Flat Rocks Crescendo
    D: Swanson Doemain Emma
    Available in milk for $400
    due to kid Mid April- but will bottle raise her kids here if someone is interested in purchasing her.
    She will also be a second freshener and is moonspotted as well.

    3)Tucked Away BB Hot B'Udder Rum- Born 3/30/07
    S: MCH Rosasharns B'Udder Boy
    D: DoubleTree Dazee Mae Duke (goes back to great Caesars Villa lines)
    Really well bred buck not getting used here- very dairy and friendly.
    Available for $300

    4) Hames & Axle Joyous Medley Born 3/2/04
    S: Old Mountain Farm Thor
    D: Rosasharns Hames Scotch 4*D AR1803
    I believe this is Medley's third freshening- she just kidded with twins. We are keeping her daughter from last year. Nice udder that is very easy to milk, she is very long and a nice producer. She is available in milk for $375

    I will also be happy to do multiple purchase discounts!

    CAE & CL free herd- tested Feb 09.

    Please see our website for more pictures and information on all these guys http://www.proctorhill. com

    Thanks :)
  2. ProctorHillFarm

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    Tucked Away Hot B'Udder Rum has been sold!

    I still have my Kids Corral bred girls for sale:

    IO's price has been reduced to $300
    Abbye is $400

    Both heavily moonspotted and IO is polled.
    Will sell the pair for $600- delivery available anywhere in route from MA to NC :greengrin:

    Also Medley MIGHT be for sale- for $375
    Photos of her udder at two weeks fresh were just posted on my website.

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    Oct 7, 2007
    I really like IO, I wish she was closer!
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    IO is SOLD
    Medley is Sale Pending

    The last doe we are offering for awhile, Abbye is still available for $400- due to kid anyday now! :dance: