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Small orifice

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hi , i have a goat which has a very small orifice and it takes me ages to milk her, her teat is always very full so her kids drink from the other teat, would a cows teat dilator work on my goat. Thank you
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Thats what i was wondering, it might be worth a try
No. You can't change a small orifice. I would milk her out enough so the kids would nurse on the teat.
You can stretch a small orifice, but I would personally allow her to age her orifices herself. With use and age the sphincters loosen. I wouldn't use a dilator. It better allows bacteria in the udder. Rather have a doe with mastitis and large sphincters or a doe with tight sphincter and no issue with mastitis? :)
Can you tell by looking if a doeling is going to have that problem?
We had the same problem with a nubian first freshener. We took her to the vet and he said she had scar tissue from an injury at the end of the teat. He dilated it and gave her antibiotics. It milked well for a few days and then was back to the same problem. We ended up drying her up.
^^that must have been frustrating!
Can you tell by looking if a doeling is going to have that problem?
No, not until you milk them. If you know the history of the animal, you want to stay away from goats with moms, etc that have small orifices.
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