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Small scale silage?

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Does anyone here do small scale silage? I've been doing some research and see some people do it in 55gal barrels. I have some barrels that I could use and kinda want to see if anyone here has experience doing this and if there are any cons to feeding silage? Any advice/ tips would be greatly appreciated.

If I decide to do this I plan on mulching/chipping sunflower seed stalks mixed with grasses and some leaves.
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Here's a whole thread on if silage is ok for goats -

There is a dairy farmer around here that makes silage in a small bundles - several of them but he also puts up large amounts. He offered us one of his small bundles but I declined, too much risk and goats are fairly sensitive anyway.
Chaffhaye is alfalfa silage and they make it in plastic bags. They place the alfalfa at the proper moisture content in the bag, add the innoculant and then seal it after removing the air.

I've made it with grass/weeds/leaves in heavy plastic garbage bags, sucked the air out and then sealed it. If you can pack the greenery very tight so that there is minimal air, you should be ok. Watch for poisonous weeds and later on, mold. I was thinking about trying to make it 5 gallon pails.

Do not use freshly cut plant material. You want it partially dry before you pack it. Use up what you make quickly, since it will start to spoil once it hits the air.

Start feeding it to them slowly. Silage can be acidic, so I always top dress with baking soda if I feed it.
So Chaffhaye isn't good for goats then? IF its alfalfa Silage then they can get Listeria from it? Just curious cause I just got some to feed my girls, thought I was doing a good thing, now Im thinking its not????
Chaffhaye is one of the best things for goats. I used to feed silage, both corn and hay, to my goats, horses and cattle. Never had a problem with it. Made sure there was no mold.
Not a good idea, there is high risk with silage feed. :(
Yeah I've been doing research on it and I think I'd rather make mini hay bales out of alfalfa / grasses. I was interested in the silage because of all the extra byproduct of sunflower seed plants I am going to have but if its such a risk I think I'll just feed it to them freshly cut.
Toth what about Chaffehay?
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