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Chaffhaye is alfalfa silage and they make it in plastic bags. They place the alfalfa at the proper moisture content in the bag, add the innoculant and then seal it after removing the air.

I've made it with grass/weeds/leaves in heavy plastic garbage bags, sucked the air out and then sealed it. If you can pack the greenery very tight so that there is minimal air, you should be ok. Watch for poisonous weeds and later on, mold. I was thinking about trying to make it 5 gallon pails.

Do not use freshly cut plant material. You want it partially dry before you pack it. Use up what you make quickly, since it will start to spoil once it hits the air.

Start feeding it to them slowly. Silage can be acidic, so I always top dress with baking soda if I feed it.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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