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Well here goes my long story on how we decided we're going to breed Indy.

Indy is a big snot head, a real big fat meanie to poor little Holly and her baby boys. The other night I was bringing in hay and Indy had pinned Holly against Aspen against the wall. Aspen and Clover are only 2 weeks old and they definetly don't need a big 100lbs of angry boer coming at them. So Indy is going away for breeding, and when she comes back she'll be all pregnant and slow(hopefully) We're also going to build a little hut for her to be in at night so she's not able to beat the boogers out of Holly without Holly having a chance of getting away..

That said and done, I'm looking for a Boer buck(preferably) to breed Indy to. :)

Also, if anyone in the Washington area wants some percentage boer babies let me know, I won't be keeping her kids.
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