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So I Tried to Draw My Goat's Blood....

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I was all ready to draw blood from three of our goats for CAE and CL testing. I already have the kit from Biotracking and all of the papers filled out to send the samples to WADDL tomorrow morning. I located my first doe's vein and shaved the area. I twisted the needle into the clear container thing and sanitized my hands then her skin where I planned to draw the blood. My dad held her head at a 30 degree angle and I pushed the needle in. Before I had a chance to reach down and grab the red top tub, her blood gushed all over my hand and the floor. I pulled the needle out and quickly and stopped the bleeding. I sanitized the are several times and gave her lots of hugs, kisses, and extra food. Now I just feel terrible and I am too afraid to stab that giant needle into her neck again. I feel like I am going to introduce some sort of bacteria or injure her. I feel bad and like I should have been able to do it. In all the videos I watched, the needle part just stuck in the skin (even in people) with no blood coming out until the red top tube was inserted. What did I do wrong and how am I going to have time to do this before her next heat??? :confused:
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You could always just use a regular needle and syringe and draw it out. Then just put the blood in the tube.
I use that same first time was sad lol..I tried three different goats..all acted like I was killing them! I put my kit away for about a year lol..finally a friend came and showed me how...SHE WAS MESSY lol..lots of blood..but then I did it..11 goats done in less than 30 minutes..hardly a drop how I did it

I sat in a kids chair to be neck level in front of the goat..My daughter straddled the goat and held the head that the correct angle. My double needle thingy was all set..I put the red top tube in and pushed it just until it stuck, but not broke threw...with my left hand I put my thumb on the vien and the rest of my hand around the kneck for support...I thumped the vien to get it fat..keeping my thumb on the vien at all times..I held my needle thingy in my right hand..right thumb on the end of the tube, ready to push up.holding the needle almost in a laying flat position I rest the tip on the fat vien..count to three so my daughter was prepared, push the needle into the vien, then pushed my thumb to connect the tube..let go of the neck with left hand. before pulling out the needle I place a cotton pad on the insert sight and pull needle out..pull my tube off and done...sounds longer in writing lol...
since you got the right vien the first can do this..practice the poke and tube push on a banana...get your mojo and go for it..:D you will so glad you did!
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Thank you so much. After taking some time to breath and think it over, I realized that I must have accidentally released the pressure when I reached over to grab the tube. :doh: I really need it done ASAP, because she should come back into heat in about a week, and she is scheduled to visit a very nice buck. :) Maybe tomorrow I will try it again and hope for better results. Those step by step directions really helped to paint the picture, and I will be watching more videos and reading instructions for sure. Last time we had our vet do it, and she used a syringe first. I guess that would be harder to mess up, except for I need to find out how to transfer it to the red top tube. hmmmm
You are using a vacutainer system to collect the blood. There are two types of vacutainer needles: a single use needle and a multi-vial needle. The single use needle doesn't have rubber over the needle inside the plastic vacutainer cuff so when you place the needle into the vein blood will come out of it. This is completely normal. It is much messier than a multi-vial needle. The blood is flowing out so you are very unlikely to let bacteria into the vein while the blood is still pumping and as long as you hold off with clean cotton afterwards the goats should heal nicely. =)

As scary as it is, blood means you hit the right spot! Congrats! :D
As for transfer into the tube do not stick the needle into the top! It will lyse the red blood cells and cause hemolysis. Always pull the red stopper out and then push it back in or unscrew the cap and then screw it back on depending on what type of red top tube you have.
I have to confess this in case it might make someone else feel better. I have my vet draw blood. I just can't get it down. I can hit a horse in the vein in the dark, but I haven't figured out goats.
I find the easiest way with goats is to run you hands over the goats "shoulder" until you feel a little cliff/indent. If you apply pressure there you should be able to slowly see the jugular vein rise up. We learned that it works even better if the goats head is held straight but rotated away across the restrainers leg, this pushes the trachea/esophagus and most importantly jugular vein up towards the person collecting blood and gives the goat something to brace against so they are most likely to stand still!
Be sure to have the tube already in the holder..just do not push needle through it all the way..just enough to make it hold to
If the needle goes through the tube cap before it is in the vein the vacuum will be lost and it won't suction out the proper amount of blood. So remember to hold and direct the needle using the cuff and not by pushing from the back and accidentally pushing the tube on. :)
Yep...done that lol...takes a bit of practice
After some thought, I decided to pull the blood with a regular syringe, then put it into the red top tube. I bought the syringes in needles at TSC today, so now I just have to pull the blood. I am much more confident about doing it this way, so hopefully it works out this time! :)
I just drew blood on all my adult goats.
I have the biotracking set and used it on one goat and it was a mess. Not a lot of blood but the blood just didn't flow well at all, I didn't even get enough to test. Poor dear. I left her alone so I wouldn't be sticking her a ton and the next ones I used a syringe and then transferred to the container. Easy peasy. Those took me about 2 minutes including a little clip.

Well...come to find out, doe #1 is a hard stick. I will try the biotracking kit again on one of the easy goats but the syringe was super easy for me. Good luck. You can do this. :)
I sent in a sample that barely filled the bottom round part of the tube...I figure if they cant test it then they cant..BUT THEY DID...: ) so even if you get a tiny bit..send it in anyway..of course I only tested for CAE at the time..if you need to do several test then Im sure more blood is needed..
I did send in what was about 1cc. It was for pregnancy and CAE. The lab didn't have issue with it.
I did it! Everything went rather well, and I only had to stab poor Rachel twice and dig around a little (the same goat that got torchered yesterday). Caribbean's and Heidi's was easy peasy. I filled up the 3ml syringe for Heidi and Caribbean, and almost for Rachel, but for some reason it only filled up the 3 ml tube about half way. It sounds like that's okay though. Now it is all packaged up and waiting in the fridge until it can be sent off tomorrow morning. Thanks for the help and moral support guys. :)

Edit, question: Should I send a check with the package or wait for them to bill me? I can't find it on their website.
GOOD JOB!! Success feels great doesnt it!!!

With biotracking we have them bill us but you can send a check in as well..which ever works best for you..
Yay! It was sent off this morning. :)
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