so it took me a LON Gtime but i finished it

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    Jun 26, 2008
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    my breeding contract for people to breed with my bucks:

    This Breeding Contract is made this _________ day of _____________________, _________ between SDK (Buck Owner) and ___________________________________________________________, (Doe Owner). Doe Owner agrees to breed the Doe, _________________________________________________ Reg. # _________________ to the Buck ___________________
    DOE APPROVAL: Does wishing to be bred to any Buck at SDK MUST have a current (60 day) health certificate showing negative test results for CAE,CL or any other contagious disease
    Stud Fee: - Box Office Hit: $100 (make payment to Sarah Carden)
    - Footloose: $150 (make payment to Sarah Carden)
    Boarding fee: $ 2 a day (make payment to Sarah Carden; must be paid prior to Doe’s stay)

    Breeding Terms:
    1. The Buck Owner does not and will not insure the doe or her offspring.
    2. Breeding options are as follows :
    · Driveway breeding- the Doe owner brings the doe when she enters heat. The Doe and Doe Owner remain at the Buck facility until Buck Owner witnesses 3 breedings.
    · Week Breeding- The Doe Owner brings the doe the week she is supposed to enter heat, and boards her at the Buck facility for one week. No boarding charge is incurred. The Doe may be house with the buck or be taken out for supervised breedings by the Buck Owner. The Doe Owner decides which housing option and the Buck Owner complies.
    · Month Breeding/ Boarding- the Doe Owner Brings the Doe and Boards her for one month( $2 a day every day). The Buck Owner will care for the doe and watch for heats during this time. The doe may be housed with the buck or be taken out for supervised breedings by the Buck Owner. The Doe Owner will decide which housing option and the Buck Owner complies.

    3. If a Doe miscarries or aborts after returning home, the Doe Owner has the privilege to re-breed the same Doe ONLY. A veterinarian’s statement is required and a daily boarding fee of 2 dollars a day will be incurred (if boarded).
    4. Buck Owner agrees to try diligently to breed the Doe. The Buck Owner will offer several types of breeding options, which will be decided by the Doe owner and agreed upon by both the parties. However, if she fails to settle for any reason during the decided breeding session, the Doe Owner will hold Buck Owner blameless. If for any reason the Doe Owner does not pay all breeding fees and expenses in full, unless otherwise agreed to in writing between both parties, the Buck Owner is released from all responsibility for breeding memos and re-breeding guarantees.
    5. If Doe is not bred by end of visit, and Doe Owner wishes to return her for a re-breed, Doe Owner will be responsible for payment of doe’s board at 2 dollars a day (if boarded), and doe must be re-bred at buck location.
    6. If Doe Owner fails to re-breed within 4 months, then any and all fees paid shall be forfeit and the right to re-breed is thereby canceled the Buck Owner is released from any further obligation whatsoever.
    7. It is agreed that should the chosen Buck die or become unfit for service after the doe is successfully bred, the Buck Owner is released from all further responsibility. The Buck owner holds no liability or responsibility if the Doe dies or is sterile, If the Doe dies, the Doe Owner may return with a substitute Doe approved by the Buck Owner ONLY and subject to above re-breed stipulations.
    8. A Breeding Memo will be mailed to the Doe’s Owner when Buck Owner is notified upon kidding of the doe and only if all fees have been paid in full to the Buck Owner.
    9. When Buck Owner/Agent countersigns and returns confirmation copy of this contract to Doe Owner, it will then become a binding contract on both parties, subject to terms and conditions set forth herein. There will be no exceptions to the terms of this contract that are not provided for in writing and signed by all parties to the contract. This contract is not transferable by Doe Owner.
    10. The Buck Owner offers a 4H/FFA/Youth discount on breedings. A signed letter by the 4H leader or FFA advisor including a contact number showing proof of Enrollment in a 4H or FFA program is required. If the youth is not enrolled in a 4H or FFA program, Proof of ownership of the animal is required by a photocopy of registration papers and a signed letter by a parent. The 4H/FFA/Youth discount is $25 dollars off of the stud fee and a boarding fee of $5 a week instead of $2 a day.
    By signing the following, the Doe owner is agreeing to
    the terms and conditions set forth by the Buck Owner:

    Doe Owner’s Signature Date
    Doe Owner’s Name as shown on registration papers (please print)

    City, State, Zip

    Home Phone/Work Phone/Cell Phone

    E-Mail Address
    Boarding Option Choice
    please circle which housing option you prefer:
    Doe housed with buck / Supervised Breedings

    Buck Owner/Agent Signature Date

    i think its pretty good ...right??
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    It looks pretty good to me...I should probably finish mine

  3. KW Farms

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    Jun 21, 2008
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    It's looks good. Just make sure that what's in there is necessary. It looks pretty long and sometimes that scares people off. I made mine pretty short, but I added just what I needed and tried to leave extra stuff out. I would post mine on here for ya, but we didn't allow any stud service this year and I don't know where the paper went. But, if all that's in it is necessary than don't worry about it, it looks really good....very organized too! :thumb: Good work!
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    Jun 26, 2008
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    i think i got everything in there.. but i made ita ll nice and legal like..