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Hey all,

So...I have cut back on my goat herd (pt time college...possibly work, and just a lack of interest from everyone else). I'm sure I've asked for advice here a thousand times already...maybe it's because I need to remind myself I have to sell off all these little guys.
Anyhow, we've had a couple skirmishes with lice and worms, so I'm not thinking about selling them just yet...maybe in the next 4-6weeks. Before I get the first load of fall/winter hay.

I was wondering if the following prices (for Northernish VA) are reasonable/too little, etc:
3 wethers, UTD CD&T. Aprox. 7months old. Pygmy x Nigerian Dwarf crosses. Horned. $40each.
3 does, aprox. 2years old. All FF for 2013, all had single bucklings (above wethers). Good mothers. Nigerian X Pygmy crosses. Meat or pets or Brush goats. Could be bred, but they're not the best milking-type goats. $60/each.

I also was thinking about selling them as dam/son pairs for $100. I really wish I didn't have to part with them...but it's just got to happen...we spent $1500 on the goats/sheep this past year, and made $600. And I won't have the same time to dedicate to their care, so I want them to find better places...:(

Do you think the prices are okay? I've seen people charging $100-$125/ea for some mini mutt goats in my area, but I've also seen pygmy bucklings for $40.
What do you think?

Thanks in advance,


Goat Girl
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I don't live in your area, but the price on the wethers looks about normal for what they sell for around here. I would say the does are a little cheap, most go for about $100 here. Sometimes selling them cheap can draw the wrong kind of buyers, but offering too high and you might end up with no buyers.
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