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Ok I'm just going to vent a little (a lot). So there is this guy I met him on a school trip six months ago and sense then we've gotten really close. Well now he decides to tell me that the name that I've been calling him isn't his real name. Really?! Now you tell me??? Ok so we talked it out and he is a really nice guy and he apologized like 50 times and almost started crying when I talked to him (mind you I wasn't yelling or accusing or anything like that just asking questions) I was trying to stop feeling like I got hit by a bus... Literally that's how much it hurt me. On top of that the day he told me was the start of my period so I was having very painful cramps and afterwards I couldn't focus on anything! So I didn't get any of my homework done!:( now there is this other guy (a fellow goat person who helped us out a lot when we first started in the goat business) who jut called and he wants to service his does to my buck (great timing...) well he lives pretty far away and I haven't even bred my does to the buck yet (I want to wait until December so I'll have two does due each month) he also doesn't take the best care of his goats (not entirely his fault he has a skin disease that makes it extremely hard to trim hooves) so I don't want my buck to go to his house and die of exhaustion/ under nutrition/ heavy worm load ect... But with the hay shortage we barley have enough hay to feed our current number of goats! And all of my stalls are full so the goats would have to stay in the outside pen with a small shelter. Then there is the payment! Normally (well we did this last year and I got a doe from him in exchange for breedings) I would just pick a doe or buck kid for payment but again because of the hay shortage we need to cut back on our herd and idk where we will be in terms of numbers in two months. But he is doing embryo transplants and AI's from some bucks jut off the island (talking about San clementes) increasing the goats hardiness and parasite resistance tremendously and I really want to bargain for one or two of those kids. But I have no idea where I will be in terms of numbers in a couple months... So those are my problems! Thanks to all and any who help me out with this.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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