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So Stupid

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I feel like the BIGGEST idiot right now. Another blonde moment for me for sure, even though I'm brunette.

Here's the thing. My does were bred on September 02 of 2007. I typed in September 20 2007 in the little pregnancy calculator by accident and wrote down the due date as being February 19, 2008. Today while I was cleaning the barn I noticed my Madeline sitting in the corner softly baa-ing. I started to walk over and the first thing I see was her udder! I squat next to her and feel her ligiments. GONE! I went back to my office to check the date and it says Feb. 19 so I continue to work and notice her still keep an eye on her. Her eyes are just about to pop out of her head and she's pawing the ground, getting up and down, up and down. She also is arching her back everytime she gets up. (are these minor contractions?) I then decided to run up to the house to make sure I had the dates right and wah-lah the does are actually due on Tuesday!! We are having a warm spell here so that good! I think Maddy is going soon!! Hoping for a colorful girl!! Pray for me!! This is the first birth this season and the first I've actually gotten to watch!!
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Congratulations on the babies.
I just wish my does would kid in beautiful 35* weather. Mine chose the 12 and 9*.
I meant to say, it was not a stupid thing you did, it was your way of making sure you did not go crazy like the rest of us waiting. :)
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