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Soap making

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I am going to start making soap this year and just looking to see what people's favorites to use are and where you buy most your product including lye. Recipes are welcome too!
Thank you
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I get my lye from a local hard ware or ACE store. I use olive oil and coconut oil from grocery store snd another items like butters ect I order from brambleberry or crafter choice place if I need larger amounts.
My fave base recipe is

21 oz ex virgin olive oil
16 oz coconut oil
14 oz palm oil
210 GRAMS lye
19 oz goats milk or other liquid, frozen to a heavy slush.
I prefer bringing both oils snd lye mixture to 100 degrees.
Mix 7 teaspoon worth of scent or essential oils at trace.

Best wishes
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My favorite place to get lye is Nurture Soap. They have good rewards program and always give you free samples of stuff. I mostly use Walmart for my oils, but anything I can't get there I get from Amazon or Etsy. Tip because it's something I didn't know: Don't use any glass containers for your soap making process. Lye can cause glass to shatter spontaneously over time.

Here's a recipe I formulated that I really like.
Lard, Pig Tallow (Manteca)47%
Shea Butter16%
Coconut Oil, 76 deg11%
Almond Oil, sweet10%
Castor Oil10%
Olive Oil6%

Superfat3% (5% for beginners)
Lye Concentration33.33%

I like using this lye calculator: Soapmaking Recipe Builder & Lye Calculator
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