Solid Red Boer Wether Kid For Sale - KS

Discussion in 'Goats For Sale' started by prairiewolf, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Oct 17, 2007
    southeast Kansas
    I have a very cute, young Boer wether that was born in June. I would like to see him go to a pet home, as a companion animal etc because this guy is a total sweetheart. He has one of the best personalities I have seen. He is not a bottle baby and is not pushy and in your face but he is curious, very calm, laid back and he likes to be picked up and held! He is solid red in color and has had all of his vaccinations and boosters. The front view picture is of him at only a week or so old and the other picture was taken about a month ago. (the color difference is my camera) I can get new, better pictures for anyone that is interested. See the sales page of our website for more info. Asking $50

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