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And a silly Sara taking the pictures.

Holly modeling

Thomas tries to "play" with Riley like he's a goat

The creek bank

Holly sunning herself, Indy chowing down and Thomas tasting the pine needles

My little fluffball, can you tell that she didn't go over the bridge, but went through the creek.

Looking North from the bridge

Whats that?

I'm sooooo pretty mom!

Oh so pretty. I'm a pretty little boy


Indy finally got a chance to model.

How's everyone like them? I also got better Pooch pictures I'll post in the kidding koral.

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Very pretty kids you have and pup too! Holly looks like she's ready for it to get super cold!! My pygmy Tilly is all fluffed out but the others aren't yet..just have a downy undercoat. Holly has a very pretty color to her.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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