Some Kidding seasons are harder than others...

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    Aug 23, 2018
    Last year was our first kidding experience ever. Everything went off with out a hitch and we had a 100% success rate.... and the bar was set.

    This season has been one obstacle after another. I mean a crash course in everything goat. We managed to buy CL and Johnes, (we separated the healthy does, had their fecal tested immediately and relocated them for those that haven't read my comment on another post), found out just how devastating pregnancy toxemia can be, had a goat with a twisted uterus (that the vet punctured and the goat bled out), and one had a c-section because of dilation issues. Now I have a blind kid... and now last night the new relocated spot at my father in laws lost electricity last night, it's only 14 degrees here now at 10 a.m., don't ask me how cold it was at 4 a.m. when the power went out. We've been keeping their kidding barn at 40 degrees. Thank goodness we are on a different power grid than my father in law as he had to use his generator for his house, we took ours over to the barn.

    We have done well to manage and roll with the punches, but I do hope this season is one we can look back on as the worst as I hope things will be a lot easier in years to come.

    I don't know who I upset before I moved from Louisiana, but you can stop now with the VooDoo doll. (Just a little humor).

    Just 14 more Nannies to go...
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    WOW! That's a lot to deal with, Yes things will get easyer as you move on. Sorry about the ruff start, don't worry! Things will get easyer as you learn more! You have a blind kid?! wow how cool is that?! ( I mean, I'm awful sorry)

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    Sorry such a bad year. Hopefully the rest will go well.
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    The next 14 does to kid must go flawlessly for you! You have had more than your fair share of "experiences" by now.