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So, I needed more goats like another hole in my head buuuuttttt a few friend farms had a couple does/doelings available they wanted going to performance homes.

First up is Shere Country MG Koko, Black doe with white face

Sire: Old Beach Ykona N Mardi Gras
SS: Dynamo Wizard Ykona VEE 89
SD: Dynamo Zebra Carnivval +EVV 85
SSS: Dynamo Falcon Wizard
SSD: NC Promisedland MG Yenda VEVV 89
SDS: Dynamo UFO Dots
SDD: Heidis Mini Acres UFO Dots

Dam: SG Cedarhurst A Patchee 1*M VEEV 88
DS: Dynamo UFO Zen +*B +V+ 84
DD: Piddlin Acres V RickyJoleen
DSS: Rosasharn TL Unforgettable Man *B VEE 89
DSD: NC Promisedland Sia Zesta 3*M
DDS: Piddline Acres WB Viagra ++B
DDD: Little Rascals Funny Face

Next is Yellow Boots Farm BP Honey Bee, Chocolate and white doe

Sire: Andy's Acres SS Shy Bandit
SS: Russian Ridge Shy Sheldon *B
SD: Andy's Acres Sassy 2*M V+E+ 84
SSS: Old Mountain Farm Shyloh
SSD: SG Russian Ridge Madeleine 2*M VVEV 87
SDS: Gahbran Creek Daunt You Wanna
SDD: Dancing Angels Summer 1*M VEE+ 86

Dam: Wood & Stream MB Panda Bear
DS: Pholia Farm HB Buck Finn *B VEV 89
DD: GCH Wood & Stream Ma Ma Bear 2*M VEEE 90
DSS: GCH Piddlin Acres Hit The Bullseye +B EEE 90
DSD: SGCH Jobi Deana 5*M VEEE 91
DDS: CH Herzinger's RT Cullinan Jewel
DDD: Wood & Stream WM Goldielocks 1*M

Last but not least is Islands Edge TT Cookie, Chamoisee and white with Moonspots doeling

Sire: Ilenesrascals SP Tic Toc +VE 82
SS: Agapes Prize Saint Dismis
SD: GCH Urban Acres ASD Tinker Bell 2*M VVEE 90
SSS: Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn +*B
SSD: SGCH Old Mountain Farm Merriment 3*M VEVE 89
SDS: Algedi Farms MH Space Dust +*B VVV 85
SDD: Queen Anne's Lace 1*M V+V+ 84

Dam: Ilenesrascals Shirley Temple VVVV 85
DS: Agapes Prize Damascus CQuinn
DD: Ilenesrascals Teacher's Hot!
DSS: Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn +*B
DSD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Scarlet Rose 1*M VEVE 90
DDS: Wood Bridge Farm Promisclasact +B
DDD: Wood Bridge Farm Petspromiskep 2*M VEE+ 87


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@daisymay I always love a Shere Country Goat, her goats have wonderful temperaments and are really well put together. I haven't been dissappointed yet with one of her goat <3 These are my other ladies from her.


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