Sophie had twins 02/14

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    Sep 19, 2010
    Sophie and her twins are doing very well today. She also had one boy and one girl. I was not there for this kidding (I was panicked when I got home as she was in with another doe) but everyone is doing well today. Sophie is a FF and taking great care of her little ones.

    The doeling

    The buckling

    Updated picture of Ophelia's doeling

    Ophelia's buckling and doeling (I tried to get the buckling alone, but he just loves to follow me around when I am in there.... he isn't camera shy. lol)

    Enjoy :hug:
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    ADORABLE :love:

    Long ears AND spots :leap:

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    :leap: Congratulations! I love all of the color you have there, and I'm a sucker for the long ears. :p
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    very nice...congrats... :thumb: :love:
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    Oh, my! Those are so sweet, they almost convince me to get some Nubians!