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Both of these lovely girls were a gift for me from my husband this spring- A week after the girls arrived, major medical issues hit our home and it became necessary to liquidate the farm for now. I've held onto my two babies as long as it has been possible, but it's time to find them another home. $350 each or $600 if they get to stay together. In the attached image, Joy is the one in back and has become considerable darker in color as she has grown.

"Joy" is a PB French Alpine who we have had since she was a week old. She is extremely bright and very loving and exceptionally well behaved, as well as beautiful.
Holy Mountain Shaz Rejoice
PB French Alpine Doeling
ADGA#: PA1627576
DOB: 05-Mar-2013
Color: White
Tattoo: re= HMFG le= D20
Barn Name: Joy OR Giggle Goat

SS: Munchin'Hill Ararat
S: Land O' I Am MH Ararat's Noah
SD: Land O' I Am Sweetest Toffee

DS: The JKJW'S Wiley Wilson
D: Luv-1-N-Udder WW Dreams Shazam
DD: Luv-1-N-Udder Sweet Dreams

"Kanga" aka Hibiscus
is a free-spirited little love bug. She craves interaction with her human family and is curious about everything.
Aquila Acres Hibiscus
American Alpine Doeling
DOB: 09-Mar-2013
Color: Chamoisee
Tattoo: re= 317 le= D22
Barn Name: Kanga

SS: Windrush Farms ER Nonpareil *B
S: Aquila Acres WFN Panini
SD: Windrush Farms CGVR Persephone

DS: Pearl Valley Laredo Montego +*B
D: SG Soldier-Mtn PVLM Hummingbird 2*M
DD: SGCH Pearl Valley Sequence Snowbird 1*M (baby pictures)


36 Posts
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Have been rehomed. Thanks
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